We take engineering to the next level.

At Curry Rail Services, engineering is not merely being knowledgeable. It is the business of our engineering team to utilize resources to their best advantage to allow for an optimum and efficient process.

CRS has a dedicated engineering department. They provide professional support and supervision throughout the fabrication process. Whether it’s CRS developing a new design or a customer bringing a new idea to the table, the Engineering Team at CRS has extensive experience in the industry. Utilizing the most up-to-date Solid-Works CAD system for design and analysis, CRS delivers built-in quality assurance to our customers and other key benefits:

  • Centralized document control location with security access
    • Ensures upmost protection of the customer’s and company’s information
    • Drawings and bill of materials are safeguarded at all times
  • CRS can design, manufacture, replicate and repair to meet the tightest specifications
  • Ability to prototype, manufacture first articles and provide documentation of its processes to the AS9102 first article standard
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) capabilities on designs that need to be crash worthy
  • Simulations and advanced calculations to validate the design early in the process to reduce cost and avoid safety issues