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Custom rail cars built in Pennsylvania

The experienced and dedicated team at Curry Rail Services is committed to providing a quality product every time. We are an AAR S-2034 certified freight car manufacturer, located in Pennsylvania and are also AAR M-1003 and M-1002 certified. Our team has undertaken a wide range of freight car projects that involve custom manufacturing. Previous projects have included Maintenance of Way (MOW) continuous welded rail trains, gondolas, MOW rail cars, ballast conveyor trains, flat cars, hopper cars, and more.

Efficient process of freight car manufacturing

We boast a skilled and knowledgeable team with years of industry experience.To maximize efficiency and quality, we utilize advanced design software and manufacturing equipment throughout the process. Our team is capable of designing, manufacturing, and repairing freight cars following relevant state and federal regulations.

Types of Manufactured Cars

MOW Flat Cars

Custom designed and built to order, our line of MOW flat rail cars can be customized to fit your MOW rail car needs.

Ribbon rail trains

As part of our MOW rail car offerings, we can offer a complete continuous welded rail trainset, customized to your specific needs.

Other projects

Curry Rail Services has worked on numerous unique projects, from tunnel cars to gondola tarp systems.

A Leader Among Freight Car Manufacturers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Freight cars vary in shape and size, but tend to fall in four main categories:

  • Open-top cars include gondola and hopper rail cars.
  • Boxcars are enclosed vehicles with sliding side doors.
  • Flat rail cars have an open, flat deck for long and bulky commodities
  • Covered hoppers, used for agricultural, plastics, and other dry commodities

We can provide tailored freight car solutions of all types, including MOW gondolas, heavy duty rail cars, hopper car parts for sale, and more.

MOW or Maintenance of Way rail cars tend to look just like regular freight cars to the untrained eye. However, MOW cars are essential for keeping the entire railroad running. This is because Maintenance of Way trains, as their name suggests, are used to maintain the track and railroad right of way.

At our company, we offer high-quality MOW gondolas for sale. Our in-house team will take into account any special requests and wishes you may have before starting the engineering process. It is our goal to provide you with a high-quality custom solution for all your railroad maintenance needs.

A gondola is an open-top freight car designed to transport loose bulk materials, such as debris, garbage, scrap metal, wood chips, and other materials. However, thanks to the low side walls gondolas are known for, they can also be used to carry high-density cargo (steel coils or beams) and bulky commodities.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted rail car companies in the country. We have an experienced in-house team that can engineer industry-leading freight cars at our AAR-certified facility. Our team of experts also provides dependable tank car repair and maintenance services, as well as high-quality locomotive parts and accessories.

Owing to our extensive experience and knowledge of the railroad industry, we are able to deliver efficient and detailed products and services to all of our customers. Curry Rail Services can handle rail car repair and maintenance, while our engineering and manufacturing service is available across the country.

You can reach us via email at or phone at 814-258-4495. Contact us at your convenience.

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