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Curry Rail Services has one of the top rail car repair and maintenance shops in Pennsylvania, where we perform services under our AAR M-1003 Certification. We carry a long track record of success for inspecting, repairing, and rebuilding box cars, gondolas, flat cars, and hopper cars. Our repair service includes both simple and complex jobs, from general maintenance and program work to interior and exterior coating services. Our repair division is renowned for its vast experience, in-depth knowledge, and advanced machinery.

We service different types of rail cars

At Curry Rail Services, we provide our customers with highly reliable, industry-leading services.

We inspect, repair, and service:

  • Gondolas
  • Flat cars
  • Box cars
  • Open hopper cars
  • Covered hopper cars
  • PD cars

Fully equipped rail car repair shop

With a direct interchange to Norfolk Southern’s Keystone Division, our AAR certified shop in Pennsylvania can handle jobs of any size, from minor repairs to large modification programs. We are known across the industry for our client-focused, driven approach, as well as advanced methods and equipment to keep your rail assets moving. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we bring to our customers tailored repair services, skilled and motivated technicians, and high-end machinery.

Expert rail car repair & maintenance services

Program work

Our technicians perform car body, outlet, and roof hatch modifications, as well as end-of-lease inspections and stenciling.

Painting and coating

We provide you with long-lasting interior coatings and exterior coatings, full and partial grit blast, painting, and stenciling services.

PD covered hopper repair

Our covered hopper repair services also include pressure differential (PD) system testing, replacement, and cleanouts.

General maintenance

We tackle all the general tasks needed to keep your rail cars in good shape, from interior cleaning to AAR Rule 88.B.2 inspections.

Bad-order & running repairs

We resolve mechanical defects and safety issues found in bad-ordered cars, as well as perform running repair.

Wreck repair services

We are also your go-to shop for efficient wreck repair services, including load-ups, JIC inspections, and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rail car repair can include everything from diagnostic tasks and inspections to overhauls and complete rebuilding services. Overall, the purpose of professional rail car repair services is to ensure optimal functionality and performance, as well as help you meet any relevant safety requirements.

At Curry Rail Services, we can handle the full spectrum of rail car repairs, including routine maintenance, bad-order repairs, running repairs, in-depth end-of-lease inspections, program work, wreck repair, and interior and exterior coatings. We have everything you need to keep your railroad fleet in motion.

We are skilled at inspecting, servicing, and repairing all kinds of rail cars at our AAR M-1003 certified shop. We work with gondolas, hopper cars, flat cars, and box cars, and handle everything from minor repairs to major modifications and program work.

All rail cars need to be serviced according to a specific set of rules and regulations in order to operate on a railroad. These rules are published by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) and the Federal Railway Administration (FRA) to set minimum mechanical requirements for safety and performance. 

Some of the rules on rail car maintenance included in the Field and Office Manuals are: 

  • Rules 2-13 determine the testing requirements for air brakes and their components for compliance and wear and tear. 
  • Rules 16-23 are focused on compliance and wear limits of yokes, couplers, draft gear, and draft sill components. 
  • Rules 36 and 37 focus on wear limits, gaging, and renewal causes for roller bearings and their adapters
  • Rules 41 to 44 (not inclusive) provide descriptions of wear limits for axles and wheels
  • Rules 46 to 50 focus on the performance of the truck system, including side frames, springs, and bolsters.  
  • Rule 53 focuses on the wear limits for dome platforms, running boards, crossover platforms, and brake steps
  • Rules 57, 58, and 59 focus on center sills, side sills, and cushioned under-frame devices respectively. 
  • Rules 60 to 62 focus on body center and side bearings, as well as truck side bearings. 
  • Rules 63 to 84 include a variety of general repairs and maintenance rules, including safety appliances, boxcar repairs, and general labor changes, and so on.

When choosing a solution for rail car coating, there are some general questions to consider, such as: 

  • Use and exposure: What services is the car used for and how exposed is it to corrosive atmospheres, e.g. at a chemical plant? 
  • Duration of the exterior finish: How long should the exterior coating last? Is 5-10 years enough or do you need it to last longer? 
  • Physical appearance: How critical is aesthetics for your rail car? Do you prioritize gloss and color retention or corrosion protection? 
  • Your budget and needs: Do you need a long-term solution or do you want the coating to last just until your next maintenance appointment? 

We can answer any questions you may have about rail car maintenance, as well as offer both interior lining and exterior coating services. Explore our website or get in touch to learn more. Send us an email at bperretta@curryrail.com or give us a call at (814) 258-4495.

As one of the leading rail car companies, we can provide you with the full range of repair and maintenance services. Our team can ensure the optimal performance of your fleet regardless of location.

In addition, we can also provide you with comprehensive tank car repair and compliant railroad car manufacturing and engineering services. Relying on industry-leading freight car manufacturing methods, our team can provide you with durable railroad products tailored to your needs. Ready to get started? Reach us via email at bperretta@curryrail.com or dial (814) 258-4495

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